Sunday, 21 April 2013


As I am learning more about sharing files, if you add you email to the comments below and I will email you both files soon.  Thank you for stopping by.  Cindy R


Who doesn't love a baby? 

I love wishing each one the best the world has to offer.  So I have made a this little card to be ready.    This card is made out of Card stock as the base, with a pattern paper on top (this paper is from  The Pacifier is made from scraps of paper a 6 inch ribbon and a medium to large size button. 

Hearts for little girls that steal our hearts
Bees and Honey Bears for sweet little boys

This one for the sleeping beauties.

This is the good wish I added to the inside of the card.  If you glue down the side edges then you can tuck a gift card sticking down from behind the white tee-shirt. or add it to a gift bag as a tag.  Both are cute and easy.  I am going to try to link the files to my blog, so you can enjoy.  My files are only in studio format, for now.  I ready enjoyed making this onesie. I hope you do too.

 Cindy R