Tuesday, 14 May 2013

In Honor of Mothers the world over a Card file to share

 This is a example of the card I gave to my Mother for Mother's Day this year.  I started with a white card base 4 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches ( 12 cm by 16.5 cm).  The cutting files has 4 files.  The first one is the base card which is the light pastel green cardstock from the pastel pack 4 which is scored and folded on the 8 inch mark and on the 4 inch mark.  Then start with A slot being inserted in the other A slot.  Repeat with B and C slots. Next cut the matting cardstock file which I cut out of pastel pink vellum.  The Cascade card matting pattern file is cut out of a pale pink sweet pea pattern on the light tan background (the paper I used is from Busy Scrapper's Solution Wedding & Romance 1. The six tall thin pieces with angled tops are matted on the vellum and then placed on each of the outer cascading card, then mat the house shape on the vellum house shape.  Place the house shape on the front. The foil paper tole used in the front of the cascade card is Art Nouveau 1.  Take the flowers and brush a watercolour made of an small amount of 1 part green patina perfect pearls 2 and 1.5 part water to all the outer edges on the lace flowers

and the vellum.  Then brush a small edge along the wing edges of the butterflie pieces The vellum will curl a bit as it gets wet, which adds the look of the flowers.  When the flowers are dry I rolled the center of each flower part the largest McGill flower shaping tool on a McGill pad to cup the flower and add texture to the flower.  I glue the two pieces together in the center.  There are more pattern flower pieces than vellum flower pieces.  A few of the flowers I made had two pattern pieces together.  I mixed them with the other flowers on the card.  The gold center is from Dazzles Bloom Stickers 1 small bloom.  Then the very centers of the flowers is a drop if liquid pearls white opal 2.  Mount the flowers according to the pictures or as you see fit.  The butterflies were folded in half along the body of the butterfly pattern paper and then glued to the body of the vellum butterfly.  After dry then curl the wings around a pencil or a medium handle.  Then body is then created by adding liquid pearls in the folded pinched center.  Then glue it to the card.  Now it is time to make the tags for each pockets.  Each have a green base cardstock with matted vellum and pattern paper, glued together.  I add a flower to each one with a gold swirl from Stacked Oval Stickers in gold 1 on one upper corner.  I then used a small strip of scrap cardstock, folded in half with glue on the top 3/4 of each outer side and then slide into the bottom of each pocket.  This will create a base for your tags to sit on.  To attach your cascading 

part to you card base take three scraps of paper 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches and score it along the 2 inch side at 1/2 inch and at 3/4 inch and fold in a c shape and then attach to each side and the base.  Then attach to the centered card base.  This will give the cascading part the space to move and pop forward.  Now at thefront of the cascading base add a small scrap of green cardstock measured to support the front of the card so it will stand up. We are now ready to make the Title tag print the word document and then tape the green title tag centered on the and reprint it so the words line up well.  Now mat it on the title tag vellum. and place on the card front.  I used some of the border from the stacked oval stickers 1 on the base of the title tag and up on side.  Inside is a strip of vellum, pattern paper and a border.  Everywhere I used the border I added a few drops of liquid pearl 2 in the pattern.
If you would like a demo youtube clip, please leave a comment and I will work on it.  Thank you for visiting.
1 by Hot off the Press at www.paperwishes.com
2 by Ranger at http://rangerink.com/
3 by McGill at http://www.mcgillinc.com/
4 by American Craft at www.americancrafts.com

This is for personal use only if you want commercial uses please contact me for permission.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I am able to share

I am so excited!!!  I have been able to add free downloadable links to my blog. Now as I create files I can share them with you.  I will be trying to have free files weekly.  I am working on being able to share files in more formats on the near future.  Please check back for your files.  I hope you enjoy creating as much as I love sharing what I create. 

I am adding the file for the Baby Pacifier file.  It is made all out of scrap paper, a ribbon (about 10 inches long) and button.  

 Cindy R


Sunday, 21 April 2013


As I am learning more about sharing files, if you add you email to the comments below and I will email you both files soon.  Thank you for stopping by.  Cindy R


Who doesn't love a baby? 

I love wishing each one the best the world has to offer.  So I have made a this little card to be ready.    This card is made out of Card stock as the base, with a pattern paper on top (this paper is from www.paperwishes.com).  The Pacifier is made from scraps of paper a 6 inch ribbon and a medium to large size button. 

Hearts for little girls that steal our hearts
Bees and Honey Bears for sweet little boys

This one for the sleeping beauties.

This is the good wish I added to the inside of the card.  If you glue down the side edges then you can tuck a gift card sticking down from behind the white tee-shirt. or add it to a gift bag as a tag.  Both are cute and easy.  I am going to try to link the files to my blog, so you can enjoy.  My files are only in studio format, for now.  I ready enjoyed making this onesie. I hope you do too.

 Cindy R


Monday, 25 March 2013

Hi; I am new to the idea of Blogging.  I love scrapbooking, Paper Crafting, and playing with my Cameo Silhouette.  I was playing around with my Silhouette and came up with this title for a scrapbook page that I made. The details in the outline of British Columbia is done with Perfect Pearls on light green textured cardstock.  I darkened the areas are where the mountains are in the province.  The cut out mountains  are done from a Scrap of greenish blue pattern paper.  I added a touch of Twinkling H2O's "ice" made by Creative Imaginations on the snow tops of the mountains so as you see the page the snow sparkles.  I have a silhouette cut file for the project if you are interested I will add it.